Friday, January 2, 2009

LegalZoom and Creating an LLC

A big decision that you are faced with when you make the choice to become an entrepreneur is deciding on the structure that you going to operate your business under. There are a few choices when it comes to choosing a business entity. For example, the company can be a corporate structure, a limited liability company, or as another business form.

One of the most desired company structures currently being used is the limited liability company, or what is more commonly referred to as an LLC. With a limited liability company, your business will have quite a few of the benefits of a corporate structure, but not all of the formalities required of a corporation. As a good idea, you should seek the advice of a competent professional before you decide on a structure for your business.

As you consider starting an LLC, there is the choice of using an online limited liability company formation service such as LegalZoom. LegalZoom offers LLC creation plans starting at only $149, plus state filing fees, so they are a very affordable alternative to using a traditional law firm. LegalZoom takes care of all of the state required paperwork for you, and provides you the paperwork you need to be able to manage your limited liability company as your state requires.

If you do go with LLC corporations, and you create the LLC and operate it in the proper fashion, you are giving yourself a certain degree of liability protection that does not exist if you were operating as just a sole proprietorship. Of great importance is that you decide on business structure that allows you the personal liability protection that you need in the current lawsuit happy environment of today.

Creating a LLC is a intelligent idea if you are going to go into business for yourself. Always check with a professional before you choose your business structure, but you probably will be told that you cannot go wrong with a LLC. Making use of an online LLC creation company such as LegalZoom just makes sense, as it will save you time and money while forming your business correctly.

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