Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dental Plans

Attract and keep employees with a company dental plan. Insurance enterprises receive better rates from enterprises simply because the worker pays a small amount of the benefit premium and the remainder is paid by the organization. Large corporations may employ several thousand employees, therefore the insurance organization will receive increased payments each payment period. A bigger dental plan with a organization that has a vast workforce qualify for top notch rates on its dental plan policy. This, in turn, allows the enterprise to offer better overall dental plans to their staff than the workers would be qualified to solicit on their own.
Discount dental plans, paid for by an individual, may simply offer discounted dental care that will never compete with a corporate dental insurance policy that is superior and costs the same or less. In the event the workers seek dental work a part of all the billings will be picked up by the insurance enterprise and the balance will be made by the plan beneficiary making this an much appreciated benefit to staff.
Here is a great example of dental plans offered by an organization:
- A group dental plan is a program where the rate is based on the theory that there will be a large group of participants in the program. It can be a preferred dentist program, or PDP, meaning that the employees on the policy will have to pick their dental plan provider from a pre-approved list of dentists that have all agreed to the terms,conditions of the program. The number of dentists may be approaching 100,000. When dentists sign on this network they sign up to provide lower cost benefits to the workers on the program. The less costly billing can be as large as 35%. The dentists are continuously monitored thereby making sure all members receive the same quality of care.
Corporation dental plans are attractive to an employee due to the laws governing them. Unfortunately there may be few and frequently no laws regulating discount dental plans leaving open the possibility people may be scammed by less than honest discount dental  plans that propose manageable dental care but never deliver. When an employee is under the umbrella of a corporation dental insurance plan they can rest assured that the insurance company their dental insurance is being sourced through is administrated under the authority of the law.
Lure and retain staff with a company dental plan. Talk to a qualified Benefit Consultant TODAY!

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