Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Will You Build A Fortune Network Marketing

Do you believe you can make a fortune network marketing? Some people really do make huge sums, while others are happy just to be able to take a vacation when they want. Whatever plans or dreams you have for your home business you must train yourself to focus.

Making money working at home is the dream for many people today. Whether you want to spend more time with the kids, make a few bucks while you're home anyway, fire your boss, or simply resent the time wasted in the daily commute, a network marketing internet business can be the ideal work at home solution.

However, it is not as easy as some marketers want you to believe. Pick up a copy of Ann Sieg's free report The 7 Lies Of Network Marketing to see what I mean. The drop out rate in network marketing businesses is huge. Around 90% of new recruits will drop out. This gives MLM a bad press. But did you know that the quit rate for any other type of self employment business is just as high?

It's not MLM that is the problem. It is hard setting up any kind of home business. And the main problem that most people have can be summed up in one word:


Distractions, interruptions, lack of motivation, spending too much time on unproductive tasks ... working from home with no boss hanging over us, we all suffer from some if not all of these issues. They all lead to time wasting and lack of focus, which means less money coming in.

The worst thing we can do is constantly switch from one task to another during the day. Every time we transfer our focus to a new task, we waste time getting into the 'zone' of the new task. Recent research suggests that it can take as much as 20 minutes to get completely into the zone of whatever we are doing. Only then are we truly focused on the task and able to work most effectively.

Of course, have frequent breaks. Take 5 to stretch, relax, fetch a glass of water. But do not watch TV or pick up a magazine. Take a notebook so you can write down ideas that come to you during your break.

Plan your schedule and keep to it, without distractions and interruptions. Focus on your top priority for the day, and do not begin anything else until it is done. Or for longer projects, set aside a certain time each day to that task, and catch up with your email, calls etc after it is done. But whatever you do, keep your focus through all of your working time.

Want to make money in MLM? It is not so easy while the industry is full of lies and outdated ideas. Download your FREE copy of Ann Sieg's 7 Lies Of Network Marketing to see where you could change your techniques to make a fortune network marketing.


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