Thursday, January 15, 2009

An exited job Bartending

Ever wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of the bar, serving the fancy drinks and witnessing the night life every night? Bartending can be a hip and exciting job, especially if you're a night owl who enjoys working in a fun atmosphere and constantly meeting new people. But it is also a very serious profession. From being typically considered as a temporary means of income, it has now evolved into a lucrative career option.

A bartending job can mean anything from serving simple drinks to mixing exotic cocktails while performing exhibitions with bottles and bar implements. In a lot of establishments, bartenders also double as cashiers, so they should be able to work fast and multitask.

More than just a job, bartending Competition is even considered an art form. Mixology, which is another term for it, relates to the aspect of bartending where the expert not just mixes but sometimes innovates drink mixtures to create perfect cocktails. This is like the counterpart of the culinary arts for beverages.

Flair bartending is another aspect of the Alabama Bartending Jobs that takes it to another level. Like its name suggests, this kind of bartending shows off fancy skills, particularly with the use of bottles, glasses, shakers, and drink garnishes. Common tricks include juggling anywhere from two to six bottles and throwing ice cubes or garnishes in the air and catching them with a glass. Some establishments feature such performances to entertain customers, while other professional flair bartenders can also be seen exhibiting their skills in high-profile bartending competitions.

There are a lot of tips to becoming a highly-regarded and well-paid bartender, but here are a few that are really essential:

Find your place

Decide on what kind of establishment and clientele you want to serve. Eventually, this could affect how long you stay in your job and how well you do it. If you like the "party" atmosphere, you should find bartending employment in any of the hottest bars in your city. But if you would rather work in a more relaxed environment, then a hotel lounge may be ideal for you.

Know your trade

You can't be a great bartender if you don't try to learn as much as you can about making drinks. Flair bartending skills could improve your status in the field, but knowing what should go into hundreds of different kinds of cocktails is even more important. Creativeness is a plus too.

Be good with people

A bartender needs to have good social skills to be able to serve customers well. Basically, a bartender just needs to be friendly, respectful and attentive, but a healthy sense of humor also helps. An excellent memory comes in usable, too, for recalling the names and faces of repeat clients. Most importantly, remember to give each customer your best service, whether they are regulars or not. Customer loyalty is almost always dependent on quality of service. Besides, a large portion of a bartender's income usually comes from tips—and the best chance you have of getting tipped generously is after you've done your job well.

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