Saturday, January 10, 2009

The import-export business is a challenging and rewarding field

If you are looking for a challenging career field, one that will let you learn new things every day, one which not many people know about, then you are looking at the import-export business. Most people wonder whether this is as interesting a field as it sound. It is definitely a challenging and rewarding career, one which brings continual personal growth. Where else can you travel so extensively, learn about other cultures, and buy strange and exciting products? The import-export business field is exciting, challenging and not without its special difficulties too.

Although you probably don't know this, many people work in the import-export trade in one way or another, but there are cultural factors, weather factors, and ecological factors that you have in this business, which you don't in any other type.

Your success as an import-exporter will depend on the product you work with, who you work with and the financial ability you have in the country you trade with.

Your Sale

The way you sell your product will depend on the cultural beliefs and buying ability of the importing country. Every country has different marketing strategies and needs, which are heavily influenced by the customs of the people and their overall purchasing power. You depend on a nation's buying abilities.

International Commerce Laws

Importers-exporters have to deal with a countrys export trade laws, so you need to know what these are. These laws can be found by going to the exporting country's trade commission. Many countries include websites where you can find out most of this stuff.

When you are importing into a country then you have to follow that government's policy for importations too. These are different depending on the country you are importing into and whether the product is agricultural or if there is a special tariff added to a certain product.  The regulations are not difficult to meet and often only require filling out a form and paying certain importation fees.


Here you will usually need to learn about different ways to send the product you are working with. You will know which is the cheapest, but the slowest, which is the fastest but the most expensive. Some times you will even have to be a little creative in the way you get a product to a client. You may have to use transportation methods not generally used, but still very effective.

Successful import-exporters are open to different traditions, and customs, are willing to fulfill what those customs require, and are even willing to communicate in any available way, including the use of sign language.

Any business holds a great deal of responsibility, and the import-export business is no different, but it is still a wonderful business, one that is full of adventure.
It is an interesting and different career, one that will bring new challenges to your life.

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