Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why You Should Use A Virtual Office When Starting A Home Business

Your contractor calls you in the middle of the day when you are in an important meeting with a client which could mean a great start to your new business. It seems that there is a problem with the glass doors at your office. The movers aren’t in yet and it seems that the landlord forgot to mention that he didn’t install any internet or power points in the office.

You find out the office is too small because they seem to have counted the stairs as part of your rental space and there is a pile of documents and permits you have to apply for – which means long queues at the local regulatory office. A few days later you receive the total bill for your renovations, in an office that is too small and you start to feel ill. Sound familiar? Well statistically, more than 50% of people who decided to set up an office run into such problems, which means a demoralising time trying to sort through the mess. This means less time with business strategy and more time on useless things, more chances for you to get sidetracked from your main goal – making as much money as possible and ensuring that your business gets launched into the stratosphere. Using virtual office for your home business will help you solve all the problems you will be going through

A virtual office, depending on the nature of your business of course, gives you all the benefits of a physical office without the problems and the administrative problems it brings. It also cuts your costs down to a minimum – up to and even less than 10% of the overall potential costs of setting up an office in the real world.

This includes rental, renovations, digital systems, office equipment, electricity and water, amenities and even sundries like internet connectivity and email/server options. They could sum up to a big amount of money a year and most financial analysts site these expenditures as the downfall of many new businesses all over the world. A virtual office also means that all of your colleagues and your staff are working in a completely comfortable and tactile environment - one that is said to increase the level of productivity – but ensure that you have a good system of communication, checks and balances and rigid deadlines that are communicated to everyone in black & white.

There are many companies who take this rationale as step further and offer virtual office services at a low start up fee. This means that everything from start to finish is settled within days and they offer fax, digital email, snail mail and even call centre services in addition to your virtual office setup. Ranging from basic telephony and data service all the way to adhoc rental of board rooms and meeting locations on demand, virtual offices can be just as good as a physical office for new start-ups business. Low cost, low levels of stress and even lower levels of red tape are the three principles that add up to success.

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