Thursday, January 1, 2009

Virtual Office Phone Service From GotVMail

When you have a small business, you are going to need to have a telephone service made for the entrepreneur. You should be using a phone system that meets the demands of your growing business.

A PBX phone system is a great solution for the phone requirements of the small business owner. This phone system uses your current phone lines and makes the small business telephone system behave like that of a much larger company.

Whether you only have a single business telephone line or many telephone lines, a PBX system makes all of your lines work as one cohesive phone system. Your small business will have one main toll-free or local phone number used by your customers, and then the incoming customer calls are sent to the correct existing phone line.

GotVMail is a leading provider of virtual PBX phone systems. They have a great set of features that transforms any ordinary small business phone system into a phone service to rival that of a much larger business. The GotVMail virtual phone system takes your existing telephone lines to a new level.

The really neat part of a GotVMail SOHO PBX is that customer phone calls can be routed to any working phone, anywhere in the world. This means you can take telephone calls while you are away in Fiji, or while you are home, away from work. You have total control over the GotVMail PBX phone service, and can update the routing of inbound telephone calls when required.

GotVMail also comes with a virtual receptionist (virtual secretary) that answers incoming calls and routes them to the correct phone line. You can have multiple departments, even if you are the only employee. GotVMail makes your company seem much bigger than it really is.

If your company phone service is in need of an overhaul, then GotVMail might just be the service for you. Use GotVMail to complement your current telephone lines so that you can spend more time making your company larger and less time worrying about communication.

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