Thursday, January 15, 2009

Travel Too Much? Try Internet Conferencing

When you meet online, you are conducting a web conference. Web conferencing can be between two people, or there can be up to fifteen attendees, meeting via the Internet to talk about business. Web meetings is a great business solution because it allows businesses to reach customers around the world, without the high cost of travel.

As a fairly new business trend, web conferencing is a under used way of increasing business efficiency. Meeting online is more collaborative than a one-sided presentation, it is a win-win technology, moving businesses closer to clients without the need for travel.

Sold as a service, and hosted on the vendor’s servers, web conferencing is done totally online and via desktop computers connected to the Internet. An online meeting is a very inexpensive means to talk to customers, with plans from only $39 per month, which gives you unlimited use.

With an online meeting solution, you can meet with customers that are located in a different geographic region as yourself. You also can meet with fellow employees that are not located in the same facility, or region as you. Web conferencing also come in very handy when you have a virtual company, that has employees that work from home.

Online conferencing a much better tool than the traditional video conferencing services. Because, with web conferencing you can switch presenters in an instant, record ideas directly on your presentation materials, and easily demonstrate actual products via your computer.

Because web meeting allows for effective dialogue between companies and clients, as well as between coworkers, it can be a very cost effective tool. It allows you to streamline your work by letting you to stay at your home or office, yet lets you discuss things with anybody, located anywhere in the world.

Through web conferencing, you can share an online presentation, demonstrate a new product, get together with anybody for any reason, and collaborate with team members. You can communicate via a telephone or video link, allowing perfect conversations about anything.

By using web conferencing, you can cut back on the amount you travel, while still getting the chance to meet with important customers and business associates. Being a very affordable fix to the problem of too much travel for business, web conferencing satisfys the needs of any business, regardless of their size.

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