Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Home Income Portal – A Spectacular Success!

If becoming financially successful while building an online business is important to you, this message is aimed at you.

A little history…

In 1998, a retired janitor decided that he wanted a profitable presence on the internet. Although he had little experience with computers, he wanted to be able to market the products of affiliate companies. He needed a website to do that.

He contacted some programmers who would assist him in building web pages to display his products and sell them. Since he was just starting out, he asked if he could pay the programmers their fee in installments. They agreed, and so it began. The Home Income Portal business was born.

As time passed, the business underwent considerable transformations, adding new markets and affiliates while maintaining basic precepts: New franchise owners could ‘subscribe’ to the opportunity on a monthly basis; infrastructure and promotion would be the responsibility of the programming and marketing teams 24/7.

From those meager beginnings evolved the arguably largest and some say, the most lucrative home based franchise operation on the internet today.

That brings us to the present..

The world is evolving rapidly. Not so long ago, when you were considering working for a company, the prevailing attitude was what can the company do for you? Now it is reversed: companies look at prospective employees and ask what can the employee do for the company?

The internet is no different. A few years ago, online banking was unheard of. And, who would have thought it possible to be able to have a job that they could actually work from home? Better yet, why not remove the insecurity of having an employer and be in business for yourself and work from home? The internet affords you that opportunity. Consider the exponential growth of the internet in the past 10 years. What will the next 10 years bring?

Think of the possibilities. It is already possible to reach literally 100 million households with a few mouse clicks. The internet user community is growing by 10’s of thousands daily. Companies and their products are being added by the 100’s of thousands. In the not too distant future, nearly every household worldwide will have an internet presence.

So where does that leave you? It used to be that markets were pretty localized. Vendors could only market their products and services to local clientele. With the advent of the internet, that market is now global in scope. Every household is a potential customer and now you have a way to cash in on that. How big is the potential market, you ask.. This year, Home Income Portal Franchise owners will be sharing in $18 Billion dollars in revenue through this venue!

How to cash in..

The simplest way to begin a business online is to market products for businesses that already have an established presence on the internet. Home Income Portal provides that. We market products and services for some of the biggest names on the internet: Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, etc. We have online stores and Mega Malls. There are many thousands of people who haven’t the time or inclination to go to stores or Malls, but are willing to spend a few minutes at their computers making purchases. This process is called Direct Sales.

Another way to create income online is to expend the time and energy to develop your own product. It requires that you have acquired some expertise in the product or service that you are selling, not to mention your advertising expense. If you don’t have these, your marketing success will be limited. On the other hand, we have a massive library of digital products with full resale rights. Also Direct Sales.

Finally, there is a unique opportunity to develop recurring, residual income. This is where the real money is. If you have been researching ways to profit from the internet explosion, everyone will tell you that you need a list to succeed. Why, do you suppose? The answer is quite clear. Successful internet marketers know that they need customers who will come back again and again to purchase their products or services.

In my estimation, there is a better way to accomplish this. What if you could offer subscription services of high value to your customers and they would come back month after month, maintaining their subscription(s) and pay you for every month that they subscribe, wouldn’t that be better? And, as time passes, you can add to the number of subscriptions.

My Home Income Portal itself provides me such a service. I receive $12 each month for every subscriber I have. Within my Home Income Portal, I have other subscriber services, a Banner Service, and a Messaging Service for marketing. The best part is my customers pay me directly. Those $12 x number of subscribers add up day after day, and month after month.

Consider, if you were to do what I am doing, building my business 1 subscriber at a time, you too can have a business that will pay you many years into the future for the effort you performed JUST 1 TIME. I believe that Home Income Portal has given me the opportunity to succeed financially in a way other online businesses cannot touch and it can do the same for you.

I hope this little article has given you something to think about and has been helpful in your search for what’s best for you and your family. Of course the choice has to be yours, but I would encourage you to research this business idea, and if it is for you, I would welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please check us out.

Article originally published by  Virgil Lange

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